Earn PD hours & get a shiny new badge 🌟

Hey, educators! Have you heard? We now offer these new WeVideo Certifications:

  • Student Voice Expert
  • Blended Learning Expert
  • Student Creativity Expert
  • Instructional Video Expert
  • Digital Storytelling Expert

Get started today!


How do I get all these badges? I would like to continue learning

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Email notification of the same should be there

Is there a better-quality version of the Student Creativity Badge than the one with the big background? Like one similar to the others?

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Great question! To get started navigate to Challenges > Certifications and then you’ll see a prompt to get started with WeVideo badges.

Thanks, Chris. A stand alone version of the Student Creativity Expert badge is available to download here: https://creators.wevideo.com/challenges/139

Hey Ashish, We announced the badges in the September Education Community Roundup.

You’re welcome to sign up for the newsletter here:

Here is my Badge!

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